A Robot Framework library for automating (testing of) Jupyter end-user applications and extensions

Install the robotframework-jupyterlibrary package. Write plain-language .robot files that use JupyterLibrary keywords.

*** Settings ***
Library           JupyterLibrary
Suite Setup       Wait for New Jupyter Server to be Ready
Test Teardown     Reset JupyterLab and Close
Suite Teardown    Terminate All Jupyter Servers

*** Test Cases ***
A Notebook in JupyterLab
    Open JupyterLab
    Launch a new JupyterLab Document
    Add and Run JupyterLab Code Cell
    Wait Until JupyterLab Kernel Is Idle
    Capture Page Screenshot

Run them with python -m robot mytests. Get pretty reports with embedded screenshots. Deploy your tests on CI. Write new Jupyter features more confidently and with better documentation!